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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Its Go Time!

It has been almost 3 months since my last update.  Life has been busy in these last three months.  Many of you have seen that I had a few really fun "cancer" experiences.  I had the privilege to do a Living Proof commercial for Allegheny Health Network as well as to grace the cover of Pittsburgh's magazine, Whirl, for the month of October with my surgical oncologist! Opportunities to share my journey are very healing and I jump at the opportunity!

Within these last three months post treatment I have had to deal with many ailments from severe constipation, to the longest case of Bronchitis known to man, to folliculitis, to just feeling plain crappy.  All of these ailments just play with your post treatment mind.  It has really been a battle to not let your thoughts go down the road of.."Is this cancer?"  I am also taking a long term drug called Tamoxifen that can also present some of those side effects.  Its so not fun!

I am mostly doing well but am still going through lots of healing especially emotionally.  The Lord has been so good to me through all of this and the one reminder that He continues to give to me are the words  from one song... "He knows my name, He knows my every thought, He see's each tear that falls, and He hears me when I call."   Yes, Yes, Yes! I feel blessed and generally joyful, but their are things that cause me tears. I have thoughts and feelings that I have to wrestle with and it is a battle.  I hold tight to the truths and know them in my heart so that when my feelings are all over the map I can hold on to what I know is true.   What blesses me most is the love of others.  I have had a really tough last few weeks and every person who texted me or saw me or even sent me letters in the mail and just thoughtfully asked how I was doing or said they were praying for me or offered a hand of love towards have no idea how much that blessed me.  I have cried at each and every gesture because they came at such a timely moment.

I had my post initial surgery MRI last week.  I didn't expect to feel anxious about it, but as the days went by of not hearing anything it became harder and harder. Thankfully I got word yesterday that everything came back clean! No signs of cancer! Praise God!   We all breathed a sigh of relief!

Tomorrow I will embark on my next phase in reconstruction. I will be having surgery. I am getting nipples reconstructed..crazy right? I debated on the need for that but feel that the more normal I can get myself back to being the less reminders I will have to face on a daily basis. I will also be getting fat grafting, which is basically liposuction to get fat out of one area to be used in another area.  I have a few places on my chest that need some plumping up. I also have what they call a dog ear on my abdominal incision. This is a pointy spot that resembles a dog ear at the end of my incision.
that pointy end is my dog ear..and yes that line across my stomach is my entire incision from my DIEP flap reconstruction
Its not very cute so we are getting rid of that.  I may also get my port out! So lots going on but I have no idea what to expect as far as recovery goes. It kinda feels like I'm starting over again but as long as the pain is under control, I am honestly looking forward to the forced time to rest. I need it!

Well friends, this update is the real honest update because I believe in being transparent. We are all not exempt from life's trials but how we handle them makes all the difference.  I cannot do it alone, nor can you! Thank you for your love and support!

Some are asking what my needs are..I don't expect anything but find it helpful to put things out there so I can direct those who are asking..

I have a meal train set up for the next three weeks if you would like to sign up for a meal.  There are only a few spots left..
Financial support

The Bell!!!! I got to ring this Bell!!!!

Thank you!!!

With lots and lots of love,